• Real Estate Back Office Operations

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  • Transaction Management

    One flat fee for every transaction.

  • Commission Disbursement

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Real Estate Back Ops makes the transaction process seamless by offering a unique solution to the back office operations for all types of real estate companies.

Our Strategy

For a simple per transaction fee, we’ll handle everything from Transaction Management to Commission Disbursement. We focus on the mundane but crucial so you can focus on your clients and growth of your business.

Our Process

While you work hard to find the perfect home for your client, we are working day and night behind the scenes to ensure everything is taken care of. With online technology and with Real Estate’s best transaction coordinators, you’ll never miss another signature.

Our Promise

We know you became a real estate agent or broker because you enjoy helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. You had no idea that there would be so much paperwork and headache in that process. We promise to get you back to enjoying time with your clients.

Our Goal

Whether you want one transaction per month or one-thousand transactions per month, our goal is to help you scale your business in the most enjoyable way. Let us help you build your real estate business the way you want to.

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Once I hit 5 transactions per month I knew I couldn’t keep doing this on my own. I was making great money but didn’t enjoy going to work anymore. Real Estate Back Ops allowed me to focus on growing my business and they took care of the rest.
Kim Smith Satisfied Customer
Changing careers to become a real estate agent has always been a dream of mine. I went to school at night while working my nursing job during the day. When it was time to list my first home, it sold within 24 hours! I didn’t have time to work all day, manage my clients, and get all of the paperwork done in a fast enough time. I reached out to Real Estate Back Ops and they took care of everything and even deposited the money right to my account!
John Williams Satisfied Customer
Being a broker with over 100 agents is tough enough as it is. Then add the HR nightmare of managing an entire back office team? Real Estate Back Ops took over all of my real estate back office operations and it saved my business.
Liz James Satisfied Customer

Meet our Amazing Team

Brad Clayton

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

In Real Estate for nearly 15 years, Brad has never been a real estate agent but has extensive knowledge in real estate operations. Brad facilitates M&A’s, consults in Franchise Expansion, and coaches real estate entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses.

Payton LaCivita

Director of Marketing and Sales

Payton is a WP Carey School of Business Graduate with great success in developing marketing and sales programs in industries ranging from Medical Sales to Online Ecommerce to Real Estate Brand/Agent Identity.

Susan Cox

Lead Transaction Coordinator

Susan leads the industry standard for transaction coordinators. Having done thousands of transactions herself, she is focused on ensuring every transaction is done quickly, accurately, and securely.

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